Sunday, March 09, 2008

King of the Ling

It have been quite a while since
I added my last post, havent
been much fishing for me
the last year. Will catch up
with it all this year, here is a start..

The fishingclub at work,
which I`m leading was short
on people for the last
big-game trip at sea. And the
guys asked me if I wanted to join.
I am a flyfisher now, havent
participated on a big-game
trip at sea for about ten
years, but I thought why not:-)

We counted three fishers and the

boats captain. The place we was going

to fish is only a 15 minutes drive

from Bergen city center by car, and then 5

minutes with the boat.

We can almost call it big-game city fishing:-)

The fishing started 9. am, and after

finished by 2. pm we had landed

21 fishes between 9 lbs and 30 lbs.

19 Lings and 2 Cods.

The whole trip was awesome,
we fished at 80 meters depth
with heavy big-game gear.
And greatest thing was that
I caught the biggest one,
a majestic 30 lbs Ling:-)

The spot and the fishing was
just paradise, enjoy the shots..

Now I remember why I enjoyed

this kind of fishing so much for so

many years! Even though I`m

a flyfisher in my heart I will

definitely do this again!

The whole day was awesome!!

Its a short report, but hopefully

there will be a lot more this year:-)

Until next time...


Chris <;))><

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Salmonfishing in the river Namsen, July 2007

Hi everyone:-)

Last tuesday I arrived at home from a
4-days trip up north,
me and my fishingbuddys had been
hunting for Salmon in the river Namsen.
This river is one of the greatest salmonrivers
in Norway, and the total catch each year in
this river is about 30000 - 40000 kilogram,
and that is just the rodfishing!

This year i faught big big salmon two times
with my 15 feet doublehanded Fenwick,
lost the fishes both times, the first time
the fish, a 25-30 lbs salmon went deep
and around some sharp rocks and the
line was cutted. The second time
the 20 lbs salmon bend out the hook!

I had great experiences,


Faught many smaller salmons between
3 lbs and 6-7 lbs, landed four of them and
also some seatrouts and browntrouts.
I had some amazing days in the north:-)
My fishingbuddys also got some salmons,
one of them had experiences like me
and faught big salmons and lost them.
They really enjoyed their stay:-)

Have added some photographs,
enjoy them...

Hope you enjoyed the photos, the fishes on the

pics are some of the fishes that I landed,

and as you can see me and my friends had

a great time...


Chris <;))><

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


The spring is here now, and the conditions
for saltwaterfishing was quite good today,
therefore I decided to go fishing for some Pollack.

I picked up the phone and called a
former colleague, my dutch friend
Jan Nipius.
Like me, he really enjoy fishing,
and we made an appointment.
I drove out to his house at 10 AM,
he have a nice house about 45 minutes
drive west of Bergen City, out with
the islands by the coast.
Here he lives with his family,
and a five minutes walk from their house
there is the most amazing fishingspot.

Jan used his powerful surf-rod
this day, he do flyfishing
sometimes also, but cause it
was quite windy he did go
for the lures. I am a flyfisher so
I used my Burkheimers, the
790 Saltwater and the 990 saltwater.
Orvis Vortex(for the 990)
and Orvis Battenkill Large
Arbour(for the 790) is my standards
on these rods. Today I only used my
special Lite-Brite clousers tied with
a red ledeye, of course on Owner hooks.

The Pollack was very deep in the
water today and far from land,
so Jan got the biggest ones with
his surf-rod cause of the reach,
one of them about 11 lbs. I got
a few big ones also, the largest
I got on my flies weighted 6 lbs.
I also landed Saithes by the dozen,
all of them between 1 and 2 lbs.

Jan and me had a really great trip

with a lot of catch, have added

some photos from the trip

and our spot in this post, enjoy them.

My clousers worked perfectly today,
did not loose any of them,
and the fish really enjoyed them.
The fishing today was just awesome,
gonna repeat this as soon as possible:-)
Chris <;))><

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Lite-Brite Clouser and a small Cod

Today I thaught that I should try the same fly that I used for troutfishing a few weeks ago at Eikangervaag. Again I had to pick up my daughter Andrea after a 2 days stay with my sisters, and yestarday I tied some specials.
I only used Lite-Brite on the flies, in colours white-green, chartreuse and peacock, a red ledeye is also tied on. The flies that I tied yesterday is tied on Owner Mutu Light Circle Hook, one of my favourite hooks.

Have added a few photos from the tying of the fly, and some of a small Cod that I catched and released. Did not get anything else, but hooked several bigger ones. I fished at the same spot as I did last time and the conditions was not good this time either. But catched and hooked some fishes :-)
The season is started now, spring is just around the corner, and I really looking foreward to that!!

I think that I have proved the last weeks that flyfishing is possible in Norway at winther, even with real bad conditions like low-water and cold, it is just to get out there:-)
Chris <:))><

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Trout at winthertime....

In winthertime trouts are hard to catch, it is really a challenge, but it can be done.

My daughter had spend the weekends with my sister, brother in law and their kids, and I was driving out to them to pick her up. My sister and her family have a house almost one hour drive up north of Bergen city, at a place named Eikangervaag and the coast-area around is knowned for good fishing-spots. Seatrout and Rainbowtrout and dozens of other saltwaterspecies is what you can get here. The streams and lakes have a beautiful Brown Trout also. I packed some gear in the car, my plan was a few casts before I was picking up my daughter.

I started to fish at a narrow strait between a lake and the sea, used my Burkheimer 790 Saltwater, Orvis Battenkill Large Arbour with a intermediate Striper Taper, and a synthetic tied Clouser on a Owner hook. And it worked very well, did not catch the big ones, hooked a big one but lost it and landed a nice small Brown Trout. I could even watch the trouts chasing the fly.

Conditions could not be more bad with temperature below freesing point and low-water, but today it was my day anyway.

Low-water is usually bad for fishing, but the low-water caused a strong stream in the strait that I could use when i was fishing the fly, and in combination with a heavy fly in syntetic material I turned the bad conditions into a good fishingexperience.

Early start on troutfishing for me this year, and a good start:-)


Chris <;))><

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


23 february me and my family started on our second journey to Singapore, we where going on an extended winter-holiday.

In the summer of 2005 we visited Singapore for 3 weeks, and really looking foreward to return to this great country. And like last time we stayed at Oyvind and Sumika`s house.

The biggest adventure during our stay in Singapore was of course Oyvind and Sumika getting married.

My brother in law and sister in law got married saturday 3 of march. And the amazing thing is that it is the same date of wedding as me and my wife. Elisabeth and me got married the 3 of march 2004 at the Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. Amazing! Anyway, it was a beautiful ceremony at the Raffles Hotel, with guests from about 12-13 different countrys. We ended the day with a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar, a great day :-)

The first week I visited Coho Fishing Tackle a few times, really nice to return to this superb tackleshop and gather again with Michael, Henry, Melvin and the others. Michael was just on holiday when I meet him, he is working in China now, he is running a shipyard. He is a man with many qualitys. When he is away his wife Annie and Henry is running the shop.
Melvin and Huns was going up north in Malaysia for a 4 days trip, they are going to start a fishing-lodge there, a nice place with a great lake. I did make an appointment with him that we should gather for a fishingtrip after they had returned the week after.

06.30 AM wednesday morning he picked me up, and we drove up to "the seven trees", a nice fishingspot at one of the reservoirs. Huns was already there, and he had landed 3 Peacock Bass already. Melvin got a nice Peacock bass a half an hour after we started. 07.45 AM I landed my first, a beautiful Peacock Bass with wonderful colours.

After a while we packed our gear and went for a little breakfast. Mel and Huns brought me to a local cafe, and we enjoyed a very nice breakfast, a Malayan dish named Roti Prata.


After breakfast we went to fish at a fishing ground by The Lower Pierce Reservoir, the spot is just opposite to the place called "The White House" where I fished a lot during my last visit in Singapore.

And here I got my second Peacock Bass of the day, and after I had landed my colourful beautiful fish Huns got one also.

It had been a wonderful day with many experiences so far, Huns had to leave us for an appointment so after a while me and Melvin went to a third fishingspot. We went to The Bedok Reservoir.
The fish was not very interrested in our flies here, did not get any real catch, but we had a nice time here. We walked around the whole reservoir, and that is quite a walk. We could observe several Snakeheads and one of them was a real giant. I did cast after it, but I did`nt manage to tempt the great predator.

This had been a fantastic day, I had landed a few Peacock Bass, the flies that I used was Melvins special Wolly Bugger that he gave me, Huns gave me also some of his specialdecievers. Melvin and Huns are fantastic people with a great hospitality, experts in flyfishing and very engaged in nature and the enviroment. Great flyfishos and good good friends!!

The day before our return to Norway I gathered with An Ren and Zi Yi, we went to fish for Snakeheads in some ponds at Marina South.

We startes with poppers, and after fishing a half an hour i hooked a Snakehead, fought it for a little while, but lost it. Damned!
Anyway, it was quite a fun!

We visited several ponds this day, hooked some Talipias, and Zi Yi hooked a Tarpon in a pond that is connected with the sea. He lost the fish, but he had great fun!

I did not get many days of fishing this time, but the fishing I had was just great. I only brought one rod with me to Singapore, and that was the Coho # 4 Rod that I bought last time I was here. The rod worked perfect, I also use it for troutfishing in Norway.

Miss Singapore already, cant wait to get back, hopefully me and my family will return next year. We had many great adventures in our holiday, there is a lot to explore in this small country.

And of course, we now have a fantastic part of our family living in Singapore. Oyvind and Sumika, our sister and brother and fantastic hosts during our stay here, are two wonderful people that we want to visit as often as we can. So it will be more opportunities.


Chris <;))><